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Want to join the SOP family?

I'm Hiring!!!


Sloan Olivia

Owner/ Lead Photographer

Hi fam, I'm the creator of SOP. I'm in the stage of hiring out some work and creating a full team so we can conquer the world. I love a lot about this job but there are some things I'd rather not spend so much time on. So now's the time to apply and join the team, share your talents, & love your job.

This could be you!

Assistant/ 2nd shooter

I'm looking for a right hand man/woman. You'd become my second shooter at weddings & assisting where needed. I'd love to have a trusted employee that if I can't make it to a shoot that they can fill my spot and represent. This position requires knowing how to shoot in RAW, Lightroom basics, and with a common knowledge of working with DSLR camera.

Hopefully You?


This a part time position where you'd be responsible for social networking, online presence/branding, set a strategic plan for my brand, creating and keeping a blog up to date and my website looking fresh.

Can you bring something special to the team?

I want you!

Woohoo Let's do this thang!

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